"One Man's Challenge"
A documentary film that includesThe Beach Boys performing live in 1962.

The first known video of The Beach Boys performing "Surfin' Safari" live

Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and David Marks
Originally published on VHS in 2000 by Rudolf Music
 This is a documentary film about one man's challenge to open a California teen club in the early sixties.
Produced, written and directed by Dale Smallin this black and white film offers a real life glimpse of the early sixties
The Beach Boys performing live at a real teen club wearing Pendleton shirts.
Actual Live Performance

Recorded Live at the Azusa Teen Club - Azusa California - July 27 & 28 1962 
 Running Time 24 Minutes

 Original instrumental background music throughout the film by The Beach Boys and The Raindrops. Opening theme "The Hitchhiker" by The Genteels, courtesy of Capitol Records. Appearances also by Johnny Crawford and Gene Weed. Narrated by Roger Christian.

 This copy is from the archives of Dale Smallin, who created the film. Dale Smallin, a year later, produced Wipeout and Surfer Joe for The Safari's and is the man who did the laugh at the beginning of Wipeout. Mr. Smallin passed away in Sacramento, California in 2011. This film has been licensed for distribution by Rudolf Music. Copyright 2000 All Rights Reserved.

Actual footage from the film:

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Original Full 24 Minute Documentary Film from 1962 available
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 Beach Boys's first gig
 This digital copy has not been remastered and there is a slight blurb at the beginning of the Beach Boys performance.
Aside from that, it's The Beach Boys - audio and video recorded live in the summer of 1962 with just 2 mics by Dale Smallin in a gym in Azuza California.
There is a photo of the audio recording session on page 209 of
Becoming the Beach Boys by James B. Murphy.

Surfin' Safari Live 1962
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Jon Stebbins writes about the film at page 46 of his biography of David Marks, The Lost Beach Boy
On July 28, 1962 the group's performance at the Azusa Teen Club of "Surfin' Safari" was filmed for this "low budget documentary examining
the growing Southern California phenomenon of teen delinquents with too much time on their hands. In the film,
the Azusa club is held up as an example of a place where young people could gather to blow off steam
while dancing to their favorite combos. This is the only known performance footage of the Pendleton-shirt era Beach Boys .
During the performance, David is seen smiling, tossing his surfer cut, and chopping away on his sunburst Fender Stratocaster."

Becoming the Beach Boys by James B. Murphy released in 2015 states "The earliest extant film of the Beach Boys performing was taken July 27 at the
Azusa Teen Club for "One Man's Challenge" a twenty five minute, black and white documentary produced by 26 year old writer-director Dale Smallin
and narrated by Roger Christian. They spent several hours filming their two minutes of screen time which synced live audio
with video of them miming playing and singing."

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